Couleur Cafe 2018 - Combi 3 Days

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Couleur Cafe 2018 - Combi 3 Days

It's official: Couleur Café will be held from June 29th until July 1st 2018 in the beautiful park beneath the Atomium, one of the outmost symbolic landmarks of the capital.

Couleur Café will remain the reflection of the diversity in Brussels, with social and ecological engagement in a festive environment.

Musically, the same amount of concerts as we had the past few years with reggae, hip hop, world, soul, funk and electronic music. Apart from the 3 main stages, there will be lots to experience and admire, all adapted to the inspiring surroundings of this magical new venue. Of course, the culinary world trip the festival is famous for, will still be offered, as the excellent cocktail bars will.

The camping will be significantly bigger, so Brussels' residents are also welcome to have 3 days of fun. In short, the atmosphere will remain 100% Couleur Café: urban, independent, warm and for the second time surrounded by green.

Atomium Square

Square de l'atomiumsquare
1020 - BRUXELLES 2