Jasper Steverlinck -reflektor 28/04

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Jasper Steverlinck -reflektor 28/04

First of all, it’s a Voice ! The voice from Arid, this Belgian band that appeared at the rise of the new millennium. In 2004, after two highly acclaimed albums ("Little things of venom" in 2000 and "All is quiet now" in 2002), Jasper Steverlinck started a solo album. "Songs of innocence", his debut will sell more than 50.000 copies !

As soon as you hear "That’s not how dreams are made", the first single of the new album, you know what you get: a delicate piano, minimalist arrangements and, more than ever, this pure and magnificent voice !

Heure de passage: 21:00


Place Xavier-Neujean
4000 - LIEGE 1